The Best Fighters in The ‘Baki’ Series

‘Baki’ is the ultimate martial arts showdown you didn’t know you needed. This battle-packed shonen anime recently hit Netflix in 2018. It’s based on the manga by Keisuke Itagaki. The story revolves around Baki, a young martial artist on a relentless quest to outmuscle his father, the legendary ‘Ogre’ Yuujiro Hanma, the undisputed king of strength.

The supporting cast is where the real action is. We’re talking about an ensemble of supercharged fighters and martial arts wizards, all itching to prove their mettle and reach the zenith of this brutal world. Check out the strongest fighters in ‘Baki’ below.

Yujiro Hanma


Baki Hanma

Biscuit Oliva

Jack Hanma

Gouki Shibukawa

Doppo Orochi

Kaiou Retsu

Kaiou Dorian

Kaoru Hanayama

-Britney Jones