The Best ‘Glee’ Duets

Imagine your favourite songs coming to life through the harmony of two incredible voices. That’s the magic of ‘Glee’ duets. Let’s explore the unexpected pairings, heartwarming moments, and soul-stirring melodies that made ‘Glee’ a sensation. From Rachel and Finn’s emotional renditions to Santana and Mercedes’ powerful performances, these duets transcended the screen and resonated with fans worldwide. Whether you’re a die-hard Gleek or just curious about the show’s musical prowess, check out the best ‘Glee’ duets below. 

Santana and Mercedes-‘River Deep Mountain High’ 

Rachel and Finn -‘Faithfully’ 

Santana and Sebastian- ‘Smooth Criminal’

Rachel and Kurt- ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ 

Rachel and Quinn- ‘I Feel Pretty’

Kurt and Blaine- ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ 

Will and Bryan- ‘Dream On’

Rachel and Mercedes- ‘Take Me or Leave Me’

Sam and Quinn- ‘Lucky’

Rachel and Jesse- ‘Rolling in the Deep’ 

-Britney Jones