The Future of Concert Clothing: The Micrashell Suit

micrashell suit

While we continue to fret about the future of concerts, and being able to see our favourite stars live, an LA based design company called “Production Club” has come up with a viable (but strange) solution. Production Club  has built a prototype of a full body, personal protective equipment (PPE) suit called the “Micrashell“. The suit aims at providing concertgoers with assured protection in a post-COVID 19 world. 

Apart from looking like a stage outfit for Daft Punk, The Micrashell boasts of many cool features. And if they work as efficiently as the claims say, throw out your crop tops and booty shorts, because this is the future of concert clothing. Take a deep dive into the features of the suit. 

Photo Credit (for all photos): Production Club’s Official Twitter

By: Ahalya Narayanan