The Golden Age Of Jazz: A Lookbook

F. Scott Fitzgerald immortalized the Jazz Age when he wrote ‘The Great Gadsby’. The ‘Roaring 20’s’ saw a cultural boom and yet it was a paradox. At the same time when women enjoyed more freedoms and danced in the Jazz Age, there were those who pushed for Prohibition-era restrictions

Based on the name alone, the Jazz Age seems like a pretty fun time to be alive. One imagines martini glasses clinking to the timbre of piano keys, and Charleston dancers. However, the following two decades were fraught with conflict between old and new schools of thought. Post-war ideals about immigration, religion, piety, and sexuality were contested.

We look at some archival images of musicians from this golden age of Jazz (1920’s – 1940’s), including iconic portraits by veteran photographers like Herman Leonard and William Gottlieb.

By: Anjana Sathyanarayan