The Longest-Running TV Shows

In the ever-evolving world of television, longevity is the golden ticket every small-screen series dreams of beyond that initial season. The champions of the small screen, the longest-running TV shows, boast an impressive legacy, accumulating years on the air that defy the norms. These shows aren’t just passing trends; they’ve become generational phenomena, weaving themselves into the fabric of families over multiple eras. To earn a spot among these TV titans, any show released in the past year would need to dance on our screens until the 2050s. Whether it’s children’s programming or daytime delights, these enduring series have etched their names in the history books, standing as iconic pillars in the world of television. Check out the longest-running TV shows below.

Longest-Running TV Shows
The Simpsons- 34 years
Doctor Who- 44 years
Saturday Night Live= 48 years
Sesame Street- 54 years
The Tonight Show- 69 years
Captain Kangaroo= 29 years
Another World- 35 years
The Bold and The Beautiful- 36 years
Casualty- 37 years
Top Gear- 46 years