The Most Fabulous ‘Barbie’ Movie And Press Tour Outfits Rocked by Margot Robbie!

Get ready to be blown away by Margot Robbie’s absolutely fabulous fashion moments in the ‘Barbie’ movie and press tour! This iconic actress has effortlessly rocked some of the most jaw-dropping and stylish looks that will leave you speechless. From dazzling red carpet ensembles to chic and trendsetting outfits in the movie, Margot Robbie has truly embraced the essence of Barbie’s glamourous and vibrant world. Each frame is a mesmerizing display of haute couture and sizzling charisma, proving once again that Robbie is the ultimate fashion chameleon. With an impeccable blend of elegance, confidence and a sprinkle of her own signature charm, Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Barbie is set to redefine the fashion game and leave an indelible mark on cinematic style history.

Margot Robbie puts spin on Barbie's iconic 1959 striped swimsuit

This Barbie is giving a nod to the OG, the very first Barbie doll that rocked a black-and-white swimsuit paired with sleek white sunglasses.

Here's a look back at Margot Robbie's doll-inspired red carpet outfits for  the Barbie movie - ABC News

This Barbie event marked one of the early forays into the world of Barbie, and let me tell you, Robbie was bringing serious game. She wasn’t holding back one bit.

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This Barbie is turning heads in a blue and white striped dress, topped off with a blue and white polka dot headband, all while cruising in a pink car. It’s a style spectacle that’s impossible to ignore.

Margot Robbie standing beside a pink convertible in a palm-tree-lined Hollywood street.

In the realm of legality, it’s a bit hazy whether decking out your ride with the Barbie logo instead of a standard number plate would pass muster in the US.


This Barbie is slaying it on wheels, gliding effortlessly in a rad pink ensemble.

Margot Robbie wearing a pink blazer with orange flowers and a matching mini skirt. She holds a pink fluffy rectangular bag.

This Barbie is giving off some serious business vibes in this ensemble, complete with a pink fluffy mini briefcase to top it all off!

Margot Robbie wearing a red satin strapless mini dress with a corset-like bodice

This Barbie in the red dress is a total showstopper, exuding a sexy aura that turns heads even at slightly more laid-back events. 

Margot Robbie wearing a pale pink and white gingham mini skirt with a matching crop top with back detailing

This Barbie is rocking a killer two-piece that could very well have been crafted from the same cloth as that pale pink gingham stunner we’ve caught glimpses of in the trailers.

Margot Robbie wearing a pale pink strapless dress with a short train, a white tulle ruffle around the shoulders and pink gloves

This Barbie knows how to work it at events, and this one was definitely a notch more formal. I mean, we’re talking full-length gloves here – because when it comes to formality, gloves are the ultimate power move.

Margot Robbie wearing a tight black sequined strapless dress with a black tulle fish tale trim and long black gloves

This Barbie is all about keeping us on our toes. While everyone might have anticipated her to strut the iconic Barbie hue at the world premiere, she’s here to remind us that rules are made to be rewritten. So, guess what? She’s rocking a timeless, shimmering fishtail dress and totally owning it. Because, you know, Barbie’s got that “anything is possible” attitude, and she’s here to prove it in style.

Margot Robbie wearing a hot pink mini skirt, studded with rhinestones, as well as a matching crop top, jacket and pillbox hat

This Barbie totally owned the ‘political glam’ vibe, stepping out in a pink rhinestone-studded suit that screams fierce sophistication. And that’s not all – she topped it off with a matching pillbox hat that’s like a crown of empowerment. It’s high time our world leaders take notes from this trailblazing style icon.

Margot Robbie wearing a hot pink skirt and blazer with white trim. She wears a pink and white hat and a pink scarf

This Barbie channelled major 1985 vibes during the South Korean tour stop, paying homage to the legendary Day-to-Night Barbie. Rocking the day look like a total pro, Robbie brought that nostalgic charm back with a modern twist.

America Ferrera, Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig. Robbie wears a dress with a sparkly pale pink bodice and pink mid-length skirt

This Barbie takes the style evolution up a notch with the night-time edition of the ensemble. Captured alongside co-star America Ferrera and director Greta Gerwig, Robbie exudes pure chicness that’s ready to light up the night.

Margot Robbie wearing a pale pink sequined strapless mini dress with coreset-like detailing and sheer heels

This Barbie’s rocking a definite party frock right here.

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This Barbie is rocking a seriously chic pink gingham get-up that’s all about style and sass.

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This Barbie is hitting the dance floor with dazzling flair, adorned in a sleek silver ensemble that’s pure showstopper material.

La condición de Margot Robbie para protagonizar Barbie

This Barbie is absolutely owning the scene, flaunting a head-turning blue and pink hat that’s in perfect sync with her matching dress. It’s a total style symphony.

Greta Gerwig, Issa Rae, America Ferrera and Margot Robbie standing on stage smiling with fans behind them

This Barbie’s squad includes the fabulous Greta Gerwig, the stunning Issa Rae and the awesome America Ferrera. And let’s not forget Robbie, who’s absolutely nailing the socks and heels combo like a true style maestro.