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The Quirkiest Details in Classic Disney Films

With their enduring charm, adored characters, and heartwarming love songs, Disney classics have enchanted viewers for decades. Not all of these movies have aged as well as others; some have changed with the times while still being relevant to audiences today.

While watching older Disney films evokes strong feelings of nostalgia, some details may catch you off guard. These oddities still have an uncomfortable effect on modern audiences, even though they’re not always dangerous or troublesome—unlike some elements of older Disney movies that capture the sentiments of the day. When observing vintage Disney films through a modern perspective, these quirks—be they narrative choices, story holes, or strange scenes—can be difficult to ignore.

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No One Recalls the Prince
Peter Allows Wendy to Be Bullied by Mermaids
Belle Overcomes Her Beast Fear
The Queen Tears Down the 4th Wall
Simba Eats Only Bugs as He Grows Up
Ariel’s Hair Is Always Dry
Dumbo Goes on Psychedelic Adventure
Jasmine Isn’t Tricking Anyone With Her Disguise
The Glass Slipper of Cinderella Has Several Logistical Issues
Pleasure Island Is Scarily Horrible

– Farheen Ali 

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