The Seven Wonders of The Anime World

Much like the ancient wonders of the world, the anime universe boasts its own exceptional marvels; seven titans of storytelling, flawless animation and cultural impact that stand as proof of the medium’s boundless potential. From sprawling epics that traverse galaxies to intimate character studies that plumb the depths of the human psyche, each of these wonders bears its own unique allure, captivating audiences with a magnetic pull that endures through time. Check out the seven wonders of the anime world below. 

The Walls (Attack on Titan)

Honno City (Kill la Kill)

Korin Tower (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z) 

Yubaba’s Bathhouse (Spirited Away)

The Castle in the Sky (Castle in the Sky) 

DIO’s Mansion (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures) 

Hokage Rock (Naruto) 

-Britney Jones