The Week In Music: News From November 2nd To 8th

This week in music has witnessed a whirlwind of activity and as Christmas approaches, there’s no doubt that we’re going to be stuffed full with new content.

For starters, there’s been a strong hail storm of new tracks and albums, this week. Sam Smith recently made their landing with ‘Love Goes,’ which sees a sparkling set of 17 songs. Next up, bringing forward that festive cheer, Carly Rae Jepsen put out a chaotic Christmas track, with lyrics that might just be the comic remedy we need for 2020. In the K-world, Monsta X and MAMAMOO just landed with their fresh albums, leaving fans in an absolute meltdown.

Well, as you can see, the industry has been showered with treats and we’re here to serve the best dishes to you on a platter.

Photo Credits: Artists’ Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun