These Are Stephen King’s Movie Suggestions

Being a prolific and immensely successful author, Stephen King is no stranger to seeing his literary creations come to life on the silver screen. Iconic novels such as ‘IT,’ ‘The Shining,’ ‘Christine,’ ‘Carrie,’ and ‘Misery’ have all been masterfully adapted into acclaimed films. Recent additions to this list include ‘The Boogeyman’ and ‘Doctor Sleep,’ thanks to the visionary direction of Mike Flanagan. Beyond his work, King is known for generously recommending the talents of other authors through various platforms, often using his considerable influence to shed light on their remarkable creations. That being said, check out the movies Stephen King thinks you should watch below. 

Sorcerer (1997)

Les Diaboliques (1955)

The Changeling (1980)

Night of The Demon (1957)

Village of The Damned (1960)

Duel (1971)

The Hitcher (2007)

The Stepfather (1986)

The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Crimson Peak (2015)

Dawn of The Dead (2004)

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

The Descent (2005)

Event Horizon (1997)

Final Destination (2000)

The Last House on The Left (2009)

The Mist (2007)

The Ruins (2008)

The Strangers (2008)

The Witch (2015)

-Britney Jones