These Famous Women Proposed to Their Husbands

Love knows no bounds, and throughout history, women have proven that they are just as capable of taking matters into their own hands when it comes to love. In a world where tradition often dictated that men should be the ones to propose, these iconic women shattered the norm. Let’s check out the stories of these famous women who defied convention and proposed to their husbands. 

Rita Ora proposed to Taiki Waititi

Judge Judy proposed to Jerry Sheindlin 

Pink proposed to Carey Hart 

Kirsten Bell proposed to Dax Shepard

Jodie Turner-Smith proposed to Joshua Jackson

Britney Spears proposed to Keven Federline 

Dianne Von Furstenberg proposed to Barry Diller

Sarah Snook proposed to Dave Lawson 

Lindsey Vonn proposed to P.K Subban

Haley Lu Richardson proposed to Brett Dier

-Britney Jones