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These ‘Star Wars’ Weapons Are Better Than The Light Saber

In all of ‘Star Wars’ lore, the lightsaber reigns supreme as the emblematic weapon of the Jedi. Yet, hidden within the depths of this expansive universe are formidable contenders capable of challenging the iconic plasma blade. In the original Star Wars trilogy, the lightsaber stood unparalleled, rendering its wielders, Jedi and Sith alike, seemingly invincible.

However, the Star Wars Expanded Universe, now revered as Legends, introduced an array of weaponry capable of rivalling the lightsaber’s might, a tradition upheld in the new canon. As the franchise evolved, so did the arsenal of adversaries, with movies and TV shows introducing weapons designed to counter the lightsaber’s prowess.

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Here are some ‘Star Wars’ weapons that are better than lightsabers.

Beskar Spear
Praetorian Guard Arsenal
Knights Of Ren Arsenal
Z6 Riot Control Baton
Yuuzhan Vong Weapons
Cortosis Weapons
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