These ‘Stranger Things’ Actos Are Also Musicians

Ever wondered if the stars of the supernatural world in ‘Stranger Things’ have secret musical talents? Well, get ready for a groovy journey through the ‘Upside Down’ of their creative pursuits. From jamming in the basement to rocking the stage, these actors prove there’s more to them than battling Demogorgons. Check out the ‘Stranger Things’ actors who are also music artists below. 

Finn Wolfhard began his musical journey with the band Calpurnia, known for tracks like ‘City Boy’ and ‘Greyhound,’ before parting ways in 2019. Shortly after, the ‘It’ star revealed his new project with Calpurnia’s drummer, Malcolm Craig, forming ‘The Aubreys.’  Their album ‘Karaoke Alone’ hit the scene in late 2021.

Caleb McLaughlin, as Lucas Sinclair in ‘Stranger Things,’ has shared two singles on streaming platforms. His first, ‘Neighborhood,’ debuted in 2021, and he recently released a new track called ‘Soul Travel.’ He says music is his “calling.”

Gaten Matarazzo, as Dustin, and his girlfriend, played by Gabriella Pizzolo, wowed audiences with their rendition of ‘Never Ending Story.’ He performed in Broadway musicals like ‘Les Misérables.’ Matarazzo’s band, ‘Work In Progress’, offers two streaming tracks, ‘Dream Eater’ and ‘Waste My Time.’

When Millie Bobby Brown isn’t channelling her telekinetic abilities as Eleven on ‘Stranger Things,’ she enjoys singing. She’s shared videos covering different songs and even dabbles in creating original music. In a 2020 chat with Jimmy Fallon, she mentioned collaborating with her brother in the studio, working on original material.

Charlie Heaton, before stepping into the role of Jonathan Byers, was a drummer in the London-based rock bands, Comanechi and Half Loon.

Dacre Montgomery stands out on this list for his unique musical connection. Unlike the others, he’s not traditionally involved in music. Montgomery’s artistic expression takes the form of rhythmic poetry, which he collaborates with musicians to transform into original music. You can find it on his podcast, ‘DKMH.’

Joe Keery spent several years as a guitarist for the rock band ‘Post Animal’, and now tours and releases solo music under the name Djo.

Maya Hawke has released folk-rock singles, ‘To Love a Boy’ and ‘Stay Open,’ her first album, ‘Blush,’ and her 2021 single ‘Blue Hippo.’

Jamie Campbell Bower disbanded his punk rock group ‘Counterfeit’ in 2020 and embarked on his solo music career. He released tracks like ‘Paralysed’ and ‘Start the Fire.’

-Britney Jones