Top 10 Detective Films of The 2010s

For generations, detective and mystery fiction has captivated audiences, offering thrilling tales that delve into the complexities of crime and justice. From renegade private investigators to seasoned police detectives, cinema has produced a rich tapestry of captivating detective stories. In the 2010s, this genre underwent a notable transformation, embracing grittier and more realistic narratives that eschewed traditional Hollywood tropes in favour of nuanced storytelling.

While the decade saw its fair share of comedic mysteries, many standout films opted for a more serious tone, exploring themes ranging from science fiction to psychological drama. This shift toward realism contributed to the emergence of some of the finest detective movies of the modern era, showcasing the genre’s enduring appeal and versatility on the silver screen.

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Shutter Island
A Walk Among the Tombstones
Blade Runner 2049
The Highwaymen
Detective Films 2010
Detective Films 2010
The Nice Guys 
Detective Films 2010
21 Bridges
Detective Films 2010
Knives Out
Detective Films 2010
Murder on the Orient Express 
Detective Films 2010

–Farheen Ali