Top 10 Radio Hosts of All Time

If you’ve got the gift of the gab, then you can totally ace hosting a radio show! To engage a mass audience, you need unrivalled skill, unflinching resolve and a massive amount of talent. Take a look at the top ten radio presenters of all time!

  1. Ryan Seacrest
EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Seacrest 'Open' to Hosting 'American Idol' If Show Returns,  Source Says | Entertainment Tonight
Image Courtesy: Entertainment Tonight
  1. Howard Stern
Most Controversial Moments From 'the Howard Stern Show'
Image Courtesy: Insider
  1. Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan has Covid – and his treatment will make health experts feel ill |  Coronavirus | The Guardian
Image Courtesy: The Guardian
  1. Zoe Ball
Image Courtesy: The Mirror
  1. Rush Limbaugh
Obituary: Rush Limbaugh, provocative US radio host - BBC News
Image Courtesy: BBC
  1. Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity – WNIS
Image Courtesy: WNIS
  1. Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck: Facebook Made Us Feel More Welcome Than the GOP | Time
Image Courtesy: TIME
  1. Kenny Everett
Kenny Everett recordings of Portsmouth radio shows unearthed - BBC News
Image Courtesy: BBC
  1. Terry Wogan
Sir Terry Wogan dies: The life of a broadcasting icon - Daily Record
Image Courtesy: Daily Record
  1. John Peel
John Peel Radio Show – 09/10/1979
Image Courtesy: Vinyl Records stole my heart