Top ‘Hot Ones’ Episodes to Binge-Watch

Dive into the fiery world of ‘Hot Ones,’ where celebrities take on a gauntlet of scorching hot wings and spill more than just sweat. From A-listers to internet sensations, each episode brings unexpected revelations, epic meltdowns and unforgettable one-liners. Whether it’s Gordon Ramsay throwing shade or Shaq tackling the spice like a champ, these episodes are a rollercoaster of flavour and humour. Grab your favourite cooling beverage, because we’re about to explore the best ‘Hot Ones’ episodes that leave us reaching for the milk and hitting replay. 

Amelia Dimoldenberg


Jennifer Lawrence 

Megan Thee Stallion

Paul Rudd

Margot Robbie 

Florence Pugh

Gordon Ramsay

Millie Bobby Brown

Shia LeBeouf


Kristen Bell

Idris Elba 

-Britney Jones