Travis Scott: The Face of New Movie Posters

In an exciting turn of events, Travis Scott just announced that he’d be putting out a brand new single titled, ‘The Plan’ this week. Oh, but here’s the kicker: The new track will find a space on the soundtrack for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming action film “Tenet”.

Now, this is no ordinary feat for the young rap star to come by. Much like Christopher Nolan himself, Scott has grown a fondness for dramatic stage sets, bright visuals and strong themes. It’s one of the star’s defining factors, as a musician. A Travis Scott concert is not just a concert, it’s a visual spectacle – one that’s entirely immersive and captivating. So, to celebrate Scott’s exploration of the soundtrack territory for a big budget film, we’ve tracked down all his visuals that could make for a great movie poster.

If you thought the man had a flair for the dramatics on stage, you might want to give his Instagram a proper scroll though – it’s a whole art museum over there. And so, we’ve taken the liberty of giving each visual a title and description. So, go ahead and dive right in.

Photo Credits: Travis Scott Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun