Troye Sivan & Songwriting: A Look at His Breathtaking Lyrics

Just last week, Troye Sivan left the music scene humming with excitement upon his announcement of a brand new single. Titled ‘Easy,’ the young star has fed us slices of the song and accompanying visuals, preparing us for what’s to come.

Interestingly, last week Troye Sivan mentioned that he was “very scared” to put out this new track. But somehow, he always delivers, doesn’t he? Look at his latest single for example, ‘Take Yourself Home’ garnered a lot of praise and also witnessed the star experiment with different kinds of sounds and melodies. Perhaps the one thing that stands out about Troye’s music is also his lyrics. They’re always thoughtful, well-fleshed out and induce a swarm of emotions, buzzing through our bodies.

And so, we figured, in order to celebrate his upcoming single, we’d look back on some of his loveliest lyrics.

Photo Credits: Troye Sivan Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun