TWICE in “Eyes Wide Open”: The 10 Best Looks

TWICE is stunning in their new era of music

K-Pop girl group, TWICE, are riding high on the heels! The K-pop band has dropped their debut English track, ‘I Can’t Stop Me’. And, not only that the group delivered their premiere performance of the track on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert”, winning their wins over, yet again. Well, it’s not a new thing for TWICE, they’ve been reaching for the sky ever since their latest album, “Eyes Wide Open”.

And, lucky for us, TWICE has delivered the complete package. Inspired by retro concepts across the board, the girl group have been decked out in chic clothing for all their promotional material. The concept photos boast two ends of a spectrum – dainty forest fairies and chic 80s fashion magazine looks. Now, we’ve already dived headfirst into their new album. Now, here’s a look at the best looks from their new era.

Photo Credits: TWICE’s Official Social Media

The Best Of Them All

By: Aatira Kakroo