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Underrated Steam Games Released in 2024 That Deserve Your Time

There are what seems like an infinite number of video games available on Steam and because of the vast content collection, excellent games can easily get overlooked. Even while some have still managed to gain some traction, 2024 has already hosted numerous fantastic titles that haven’t made it into the big time.

The greatest new hidden gems on Steam, which vary from cryptically excellent puzzle games to action-packed shooters, don’t share many characteristics. Though each game manages to provide something unique to the market, they all serve as a reminder that it’s frequently more enjoyable to explore smaller specialized titles rather than grabbing the major releases.

Check out some underrated Steam games that you need to play.

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Lorelei And The Laser Eyes
Crow Country
Mullet Madjack
Snufkin: Melody Of Moominvalley
20 Small Mazes
Arctic Eggs
Children Of The Sun
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