Winona Ryder’s Fabulous 90’s Outfits

Winona Ryder was one of the coolest women of the 90’s with her grunge glam looks! She wore biker jackets, slinky dresses, cosy denim and oversized power suits. Her hair was usually left shoulder-length, unstyled or shortened into an adorable (and famous) pixie. Check out some of her coolest looks from the 90’s.

Winona Ryder at The Age of Innocence premiere in 1993.
Winona Ryder at the 1994 Golden Globes.
Winona Ryder at The Crucible  premiere in 1996.
Winona Ryder at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Salute to Martin Scorsese in 1997.
Winona Ryder at the Alien: Resurrection premiere in 1997.
Winona Ryder at the Film Society of Lincoln Center Honors Martin Scorsese event in 1998.
Winona Ryder at the Girl, Interrupted premiere of 1999.


Jennifer Aniston’s Iconic F.R.I.E.N.D.S Outfits

First Published 4,July 2022, 3:02 PM

actress Jennifer Aniston style icon

The undisputed fashion queen of Friends sitcom, Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston) rocked all the latest trends of the time, and even inspired some new ones. From her iconic haircut, to her signature miniskirt-and-stockings uniform, there wasn’t a fashion moment that Rachel Green couldn’t make her own.

The Iconic mint dress!! The reaction Ross had, is the exact reaction we all have looking at this stunning diva.
Is there anything that is not authentic about her? Outfit check and hairstyle double check!!
Seems like fashion trends are revolving around her! Body-cons?? In the 90’s??
Acing the bold prints like a pro, and the black shorts are to die for!!
It’s safe to say that any outfit that she wears, looks like it’s made for her!!
A doll in boots!
This picture is a perfect description for the term ‘Glam-chic!’
Just can’t get over the skirts!! No matter what she pairs it up with, it looks killer!!
Only she can dress-up to a hallowen like that and get away with it.
Looking fab in a denim jacket!