Words to Live By: Alicia Keys

Our artist of the week throne is currently occupied by the one, the only, Alicia Keys. Alicia’s made quite the prominent mark on the music industry. From her school days, she developed a passion for music and as the industry opened up their doors to her, Alicia’s skills and vocal abilities have simply blossomed. 

Keys also stands apart from other artists, with her heavy involvement in social activism, philanthropic efforts and of course, her superb songwriting ability. But of course, it took years to reach where she is now. Alicia Keys did not have it easy. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, with constant exposure to street violence, prostitution, and drug-trade has had its impact on her. That being said, to even get a foot in the music industry is no simple feat, but Alicia’s talent spoke for itself. 
She has been through a lot, to say the least. But with growth comes a certain learning, and a formation of values. And so, we decided to celebrate Alicia Keys by looking at some of her most impactful, poignant words. 

Photo Credits: Alicia Keys Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun