Words to Live By: Chris Cornell

Today, we celebrate the birthday of the legend, Chris Cornell. Christopher John Cornell was an American singer-songwriter, and musician, most famously known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the rock bands ‘Soundgarden’ and ‘Audioslave’. Cornell has made a truly significant mark on the music industry, perhaps his greatest imprint being launching the 1990s grunge movement.

The rockstar always had a passion for music, in fact at a very young age he took piano and guitar lessons as a child. But perhaps what truly pushed him to make that big leap into the industry was a gift from his mother: a snare drum. He often credits his mother for “saving his life” by presenting him this instrument as it helped him find his path to becoming a rock musician.

With his impressive catalogue of music and years upon years of experience, it’s no surprise that Chris Cornell has attained an enormous amount of wisdom and learning over time. His experiences have given birth to some of the finest words: some inspirational, some witty and all thought-provoking.

So, go on, take a deep dive into the words of this legend.

Photo Credits: Chris Cornell Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun