Words To Live By: Halsey

Today, on September 29th, Ashley Frangipane fondly known as Halsey, celebrates her birthday. The young star’s created quite the ripple in the music industry, one that’s simply grown over the years. Halsey’s often defined by her unique husky tone and tackling of weighty issues in her steadily growing catalogue of tracks.

She’s never shied away from expressing herself and wearing her opinions on her sleeve. Be it mental health, the LGBTQ community, politics, love – when she has something to say, you can bet that Halsey’s not going to waste a second of hesitation before putting it out there. While her ideologies do bleed into her songwriting, you also see them everywhere else: on social media, in her interviews, in her little conversations during live stages. And so, we figured we’d do a deep dive into Halsey’s mind and pick out the most poignant words she’s spilled over the years. Some arrive as teachings, some as inspiration – all proving to be unfiltered, bold and genuine.

Photo Credits: Halsey Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun