Words to Live By: The Opinionated & Fearless John Legend

John Legend has once again come under the spotlight after sharing his thoughts on the election season and the part Kanye West has to play in it. The singer recently put up a Twitter thread in which he sought to provide some clarity on what he said was a seeming attempt to pull one over on the American people.

“Just in case anyone needs some clarity around what’s happening here,” Legend tweeted, linking an article that claimed Kanye West had submitted the required documents to appear on the ballot in the state of Wisconsin. John Legend has always been open about his thoughts on current issues, be it the elections, the #BlackLivesMatter Movement or even matters from his own personal life. With Kanye West’s announcement that he’d be running for president, Legend has taken a keen interest in his trajectory and on the upcoming elections. He’s laid his views on the matter bare, for the world to see.

Legend has always been known to freely express himself and address issues that not many other artists would openly acknowledge. And so, in light of recent events, we’re looking at all those times John Legend didn’t bother to sugar coat a single thing and simply spoke his mind. Take a look…

Photo Credits: John Legend Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun