Words to Live By: Kelly Clarkson, A Pop Powerhouse

Kelly Clarkson: Words to live by

American singer-songwriter, Kelly Clarkson has had one of the most successful careers in pop music. With her American Idol win propelling her into stardom, Clarkson has taken every lesson learnt along the way, and put it to use.

But, becoming one of the biggest pop stars in Western music doesn’t come without some knocks and bruises. With all the critiques and body shamers out there, Clarkson has had to overcome a lot of negativity.

Lucky for us, Kelly Clarkson is of a different metal. And, staying true to the music, delivering hit after hit makes her the perfect occupant of our ‘Artist of the Week’ throne. Always wise, and always nice, here are some of Kelly’s wisest words to date, complete with her witty sense of humour.

Photo Credit: Kelly Clarkson’s Official Instagram

By: Ahalya Narayanan