Your Favourite Actors’ Favourite Movies

Today’s A-list actors aren’t just about red carpets and fancy premieres; many of them are genuine movie buffs. Their favourite film picks reflect a spectrum of tastes, from those who find inspiration in cinematic masterpieces to those who simply love a good laugh. It’s fascinating to see Hollywood’s finest, whether Oscar nominees or franchise stars, openly sharing their all-time favourites. Check out your favourite actors’ favourite movies below.

Actors' Favourite Movies
Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Jurassic Park’
Anya Taylor-Joy: ‘Big Fish’
Margot Robbie: ‘True Romance’
Cate Blanchett: ‘Ordinary People’
Nicolas Cage: ‘The 400 Blows’
Christian Bale: ‘Beverley Hills Ninja’
Timothée Chalamet: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’
Ryan Gosling: ‘Step Brothers’
Meryl Streep: ‘Waiting for Guffman’
Florence Pugh: ‘Silence of The Lambs’
Keanu Reeves: ‘A Clockwork Orange’
Zendaya: ‘Superbad’