‘A Family Affair’ Review: Hit or Miss?

‘A Family Affair’ premiered on Netflix on Friday, capping off a big month for Netflix original movies, which started with the Glen Powell and Adria Arjona crime comedy hit ‘Hit Man’ on 7th June.

The plot of ‘A Family Affair’ is: “When Zara (Joey King) quits her job as the personal assistant to Hollywood star Chris Cole (Zac Efron), she unwittingly sets up a chance meeting between Chris and her famous writer mum, Brooke (Nicole Kidman). Within hours, Brooke and Chris discover an undeniable chemistry, leading to hilarious consequences as Zara’s egotistical boss tries to woo her incredulous mother.”

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A Family Affair Review
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Rotten Tomatoes critics have given ‘A Family Affair’ a 47% “rotten” rating based on 49 reviews so far. The Audience Score is even lower, with a 42% “rotten” rating based on over 100 ratings. On the bright side, Angie Han from The Hollywood Reporter says, “Family Affair’s Hollywood material and its drama sometimes feel like they’re from two different films. But the lines are delivered with such heartfelt tenderness that you might be moved despite yourself.”

Meanwhile, Pete Hammond from Deadline loves ‘A Family Affair,’ calling it “A smart, character-driven romcom with a witty script and an engaging situation for all.” On the other hand, Tomris Laffly from Variety found nothing appealing about the film, writing, “Sadly, the film feels more like an artless quickie than a fully developed romance.”

Laffly also writes, “The biggest joke seems to be on ‘A Family Affair’ itself, for wasting Efron’s underrated talents and Kidman’s peerless range so clumsily.”

Gary M. Kramer is equally harsh in his review for Salon, saying, “This film is lazy and uninspired. The Lifetime channel delivers these kinds of romantic movies with more charisma and heart. ‘A Family Affair’ wants to be comfort food, but it feels like stale leftovers.”