Deleted Movie Scenes That Would Have Changed The Entire Plot

In moviemaking, certain scenes hold immense power, capable of completely transforming the story if included. These could be alternate endings that change the movie’s message, or deleted moments offering vital character insights. Take, for instance, the original ending of ‘Get Out,’ which provided a darker view of racism’s grip, or the deleted scene from ‘Aliens,’ enriching Ripley’s character.

Scenes like the alternative conclusion in ‘I Am Legend’ challenge our perceptions of heroism, injecting moral complexity. They highlight the pivotal role editing plays in crafting a film’s narrative and offer diverse interpretations.

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Here are 5 deleted movie scenes that would have changed the entire plot.

Get Out

Deleted Movie Scenes
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The original ending of ‘Get Out’ took a darker turn, with Chris, the main character, ending up arrested despite surviving the horrors of the Armitage family’s scheme. This deleted scene highlighted the harsh reality of systemic racism, showing how Chris, despite being a victim, was unfairly punished. It also emphasized the manipulative nature of Rose, one of the film’s antagonists.

While this alternate ending would have made ‘Get Out’ more intense and thought-provoking, the decision to remove it in favour of a more satisfying conclusion was ultimately the right one. The theatrical ending provided closure and justice for Chris, even though it might have softened the film’s social commentary.


Deleted Movie Scenes
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In an alternate version of ‘Aliens,’ a deleted scene shows Ripley’s heart-wrenching discovery of a photo of her daughter as an old woman, emphasizing the immense loss she feels for the life she missed while in hypersleep. This brief moment adds depth to Ripley’s character, revealing her inner turmoil and driving her protective instincts towards Newt, a young girl she encounters on the dangerous planet.

Without this scene, Ripley’s bond with Newt feels less explored, but its inclusion would have depicted a more complex protagonist, motivated by her desire for purpose and a second chance at motherhood. This relatable portrayal of grief adds emotional weight to Ripley’s actions, making her heroism more understandable and impactful.

Overall, the scene’s absence alters the film’s tone slightly, but its inclusion would have enriched the narrative, offering a balanced blend of action and emotional resonance.

I Am Legend 

Deleted Movie Scenes
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Had the alternate ending been incorporated into the final version of ‘I Am Legend,’ the movie’s storyline and core themes would have taken a dramatic turn. Revealing the darkseekers’ intelligence and their retaliation against Robert Neville’s actions would introduce moral ambiguity, challenging Neville’s portrayal as a clear-cut hero and the darkseekers as mere monsters.

This shift would reshape Neville’s character, portraying him as a flawed figure whose experiments inadvertently provoked the darkseekers. The film’s tone would shift from a straightforward survival narrative to a more nuanced exploration of consequences and the importance of communication between species. The depiction of a peaceful resolution between humans and dark seekers would offer a thought-provoking ending, challenging the belief that violence is the only solution and prompting reflection on prejudice, empathy, and ethical ambiguity.

On the other hand, the theatrical ending’s portrayal of Neville’s sacrifice and the killing of the darkseekers simplifies the narrative into a basic good-versus-evil scenario, neglecting the complexities of the situation and the potential for non-violent resolution. Including the alternate ending would elevate ‘I Am Legend’ into a more intellectually stimulating and morally intricate film, expanding its genre boundaries and delving deeper into the complexities of human nature.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Deleted Movie Scenes
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Had it been included, a brief but impactful 16-second scene in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ would have deepened the emotional resonance of Luke Skywalker’s character arc. This deleted moment reveals Luke grappling with the loss of his dear friend, Han Solo, showcasing the enduring bond between the iconic duo.

Despite his self-imposed isolation, Luke’s grief underscores his humanity and reminds viewers of the profound impact Han had on those around him. This scene not only adds layers to Luke’s character but also serves as a poignant tribute to Han’s legacy.

While its absence doesn’t alter the main storyline, its inclusion would have provided a richer exploration of Luke’s journey from idealistic hero to disillusioned hermit, offering fans more moments of shared grief and nostalgia.


Deleted Movie Scenes
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Kevin Smith’s breakout indie hit, ‘Clerks,’ almost took a different turn because of its original ending being scrapped. In this version, Dante Hicks, played by Brian O’Halloran, faced a grim fate, being shot by an unknown robber at the Quick Stop store, leaving him lying helpless. This ending clashed with the film’s relaxed, talkative comedic style, potentially overshadowing its quirky humour and relatable characters.

It also left Dante’s story feeling unfinished, cutting short any chance for his personal growth or resolution of his struggles with work and relationships. Luckily, O’Halloran persuaded Smith to change it, arguing that it was too abrupt. If Smith had stuck to his guns, Clerks might have been a shocking and divisive film instead of the beloved comedy it is today.

Its impact on indie cinema and pop culture would have been diminished, as its exploration of everyday life’s mundane aspects and relatable challenges would have been drowned out by the bleak ending.