Here is The Best Sequence in The Worst ‘Jurassic Park’ Sequel

Like any franchise, some sequels fall short of expectations, and for ‘Jurassic Park’, that sequel is ‘Jurassic Park III’. Despite bringing back beloved characters Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, played by Sam Neill and Laura Dern respectively, the film struggles with a messy plot and underdeveloped characters.

Even the addition of Téa Leoni and William H. Macy couldn’t salvage its reputation, making it the least favoured instalment among fans. However, amidst its flaws, ‘Jurassic Park III’ delivers one standout moment: the thrilling pterodactyl scene.

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Worst Jurassic Park Sequel
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Returning to the franchise after their absence in the previous film, Grant and Sattler find themselves embroiled in a rescue mission on Isla Sorna, where a family seeks their missing son. As they navigate the perilous island, they encounter various dangers, including a harrowing encounter with pterodactyls.

While ‘Jurassic Park III’ has its drawbacks, including a weak plot and irritating characters like Leoni’s Amanda, it shines in its action sequences and dinosaur-centric scenes. The pterodactyl sequence, in particular, stands out for its intensity and unique portrayal of these prehistoric creatures.

Worst Jurassic Park Sequel
Image Courtesy: IMDb

As the characters confront the pterodactyls in a menacing birdcage, the tension escalates, culminating in a gripping chase and a narrow escape. Despite its brief duration, this scene showcases the terror and unpredictability of these airborne predators, adding a new dimension to the franchise’s dinosaur encounters.

Although ‘Jurassic Park III’ may not rank highly among fans’ favourites, its pterodactyl scene offers a thrilling and memorable moment that deserves recognition. So, for those willing to overlook its flaws, revisiting Jurassic Park III for the sake of this exhilarating sequence is undoubtedly worthwhile.

– Farheen Ali