Linkin Park Classics That Kickstarted a Nu-Metal Revolution

Alternative-metal pioneers, Linkin Park emerged from California in the early 2000s to become the largest rock band since Nirvana, dominating MTV with a furious torrent of angst-filled rock tunes.

With their debut album, ‘Hybrid Theory’, selling 27 million copies globally to date, they broke through the post-millennial noise with the blending of Mike Shinoda’s rap-rock crossover vision and the late Chester Bennington’s vexed yet melodic voice, inspiring legions of fans, from metalheads to hip-hop fans. The best Linkin Park tracks merged rap and metal, permanently transforming alternative rock with songs of era-defining despair and howls of blazing wrath. These classics are a testament to the band’s reputation as nu-metal titans. Check them out below!

In The End


What I’ve Done

Waiting For The End

Burn It Down

Shadow Of The Day

Bleed It Out

New Divide

Breaking The Habit


One More Light


One Step Closer

Lost In The Echo

Somewhere I Belong

Leave Out All The Rest

Castle of Glass

From The Inside


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