‘Road House’ 2024 Review: Is The Remake a Hit or a Miss?

It’s no easy feat to step into the shoes of a legendary film character, especially when it’s Patrick Swayze’s boots from the gritty ’80s classic, ‘Road House.’ Yet, Jake Gyllenhaal seems poised to rise to the challenge in the remake helmed by Doug Liman, known for ‘The Bourne Identity.’

This new iteration of ‘Road House’ faces an unconventional release, skipping theatres and heading straight to streaming via Amazon Prime Video. While this might disappoint some fans longing for the theatrical experience, the film’s rowdy and campy vibe demands attention on the big screen.

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Gyllenhaal’s character, Elwood Dalton, mirrors his predecessor with dry wit and philosophical musings, coupled with exceptional martial arts skills. Fleeing a turbulent past, Dalton finds himself in the murky underworld of South Florida, living out of his car and scraping by with underground fights. When offered a job as a bouncer at the Road House, a seedy beachside dive, Dalton reluctantly steps into the chaos.

The film boasts a colourful cast of characters, from Jessica Williams’ sardonic bartender to Conor McGregor’s devilishly flamboyant hitman. While the plot weaves a tangled web of drugs, corrupt cops, and shady dealings, it takes a backseat to the film’s main draw: knuckle-cracking fights and adrenaline-pumping action.

Road House 2024 Review
Image Courtesy: The Today Show

‘Road House’ delivers on its promise of thrilling fight sequences, thanks to impressive stunt work and Gyllenhaal’s fully convincing performance. Liman strikes a balance between campy entertainment and visceral realism, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with bone-crunching blows and concussive impacts.

While the film may falter in its attempts to flesh out its supporting characters and backstory, it excels in delivering a rollicking good time. McGregor’s scene-stealing turn as the flamboyant villain adds an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings.