‘Shirley’ 2024 Review: Regina King is What Makes The Biopic Worth Watching

Netflix’s latest biopic, ‘Shirley’ (2024), thrusts viewers into the formidable journey of trailblazing politician Shirley Chisholm, shedding light on her groundbreaking 1972 presidential campaign and her enduring impact on American politics. While the film may lack subtlety in its portrayal, it effectively underscores Chisholm’s unparalleled significance as the first Black woman to run for president in the United States.

Directed and written by John Ridley, ‘Shirley’ (2024) confronts the stark reality of Chisholm’s entry into the male-dominated world of politics. Opening with a striking visual representation of the House of Representatives in 1968, the film vividly illustrates Chisholm’s isolated presence as the sole Black woman amidst a sea of white male counterparts.

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Shirley 2024 Review
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Regina King delivers a commanding performance as Chisholm, capturing her unwavering determination and resilience in the face of systemic obstacles.

The narrative delves into Chisholm’s fierce advocacy for gender and racial equality, portraying her fearless confrontation of institutional injustices. Despite occasional moments of heavy-handed dialogue, King infuses Chisholm with a dignified presence that resonates throughout the film.

However, the screenplay occasionally falls short of providing sufficient depth to Chisholm’s background and motivations, leaving viewers craving a more nuanced portrayal.

Shirley 2024 Review
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‘Shirley’ (2024) navigates Chisholm’s political journey with a sense of urgency, highlighting her unwavering commitment to challenging the status quo. While the film’s execution may lack finesse at times, it succeeds in underscoring the enduring relevance of Chisholm’s message of empowerment and representation.

In addition to King’s stellar performance, the supporting cast delivers commendable portrayals, albeit with limited screen time.