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The Most Anticipated Movies of April 2024

Farewell to the diverse array of movies that graced our screens in 2023, from superhero blockbusters to indie gems and everything in between. Now, say hello to the lineup for 2024, which promises another round of superhero adventures, sequels, remakes, biopics and even adaptations from Broadway musicals and video games.

Here are the most anticipated movies of April 2024.

Monkey Man (Release Date: 5th April)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

“An anonymous young man working in an underground fight club sets out to exact revenge against the corrupt leaders who murdered his mother and are continuing to take advantage of the poor and powerless people to date.”

The First Omen (Release Date: 5th April)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

“A young American woman starts working at a church in Rome. It doesn’t take her long to uncover the sinister conspiracy there, that hopes to bring about the birth of the Antichrist. The film serves as a prequel to The Omen (1976) and is the sixth film in The Omen franchise overall”

Housekeeping for Beginners (Release Date: 5th April)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Goran Stolevski’s acclaimed drama, also Macedonia’s entry for the ‘Best International Film’ Oscar, tells the story of a healthcare worker (Anamaria Marinca) living with her girlfriend (Alina Serban), her two daughters, and an old friend (Vladimir Tintor) and his new boyfriend (Samson Selim).

When her partner falls seriously ill, she is unexpectedly tasked with adopting the children, leading to conflict with both unsupportive individuals and intolerant authorities.

Back to Black (Release Date: 12th April)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

“Based on the life of Amy Winehouse, the Grammy-winning British singer and songwriter. The film spans the early days of her musical career in the early 2000s as a North London jazz musician as well as the monumental fame of her popular songs like ‘Rehab’ and ‘Back to Black.'”

Civil War (Release Date: 19th April)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

“Shortly, a second civil war breaks out in the United States, where the government has become a dystopian dictatorship and partisan extremist militias regularly commit political violence. A group of journalists tries to travel across the country.”

‘Challengers’ (Release Date: 26th April)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

“Art Donaldson (Mike Faist) is a Grand Slam tennis champion on a losing streak. His wife (Zendaya) — who is herself a tennis prodigy turned coach — signs him up for an unusual method of resumption by forcing him to compete against her former lover in a Challenger event.”

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