Things ‘Suits L.A.’ Must Include to be a Successful Show

‘Suits’ may have wrapped up years ago, but its legacy continues with the new spin-off, ‘Suits L.A.’ The original series had a fantastic run from 2011 to 2019, captivating audiences with its stellar cast, sharp writing, and compelling legal drama.

Despite its initial run’s end, ‘Suits’ found a new wave of appreciation when it hit streaming platforms, gaining a broader audience and renewed popularity. Now, with ‘Suits L.A.’ on the horizon, there’s excitement and anticipation about expanding the beloved world of ‘Suits.’

This spin-off has big shoes to fill, and to succeed, it must capture the humour, intricate plots, and dynamic characters that made the original a hit. If it can tick these boxes, ‘Suits L.A.’ could be the next big thing in legal drama.

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Suitable Storylines

Suits L.A.
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Procedural dramas often risk becoming monotonous, rehashing the same cases and conflicts season after season. ‘Suits’ faced this challenge head-on, especially with the prolonged tension around Mike’s secret. Instead of falling into a rut of empty stories, the show aimed for richer, more compelling narratives.

While not every episode propelled the plot forward, many did, deepening the dynamics between characters like Mike and Harvey and unveiling layers of Harvey’s past. As ‘Suits L.A.’ steps into the spotlight, it must follow this blueprint of meaningful storytelling to avoid fading into obscurity. Without impactful and powerful storylines, this new spin-off risks falling short of the original’s legacy and success.

A Great Support Cast

Suits L.A.
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Regarding a strong supporting cast, ‘Suits’ hit a home run, elevating the show to new heights. While it started with Harvey and Mike as the primary leads, the outstanding performances and writing for the supporting characters quickly turned them into mainstays. Characters like Louis Litt, Donna Paulsen, and Rachel Zane grew in importance, their roles expanding to showcase their incredible talent.

This shift, which reduced screen time for Harvey and Mike, ultimately strengthened the series, allowing it to thrive even after Mike’s departure. The supporting cast, far from being mere afterthoughts, played a crucial role in defining the show’s identity, making ‘Suits’ far more compelling and enduring than it would have been with a weaker ensemble.

Good Female Characters

Suits L.A.
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While Harvey and Mike took centre stage as the dynamic male leads, the show boasted a rich ensemble of strong and formidable female characters who commanded attention. From Jessica Pearson, the formidable leader of the firm, to Rachel Zane, whose ambition knows no bounds, and Donna Paulsen, the unparalleled mastermind of the office, these women epitomized intelligence, confidence, and resilience.

Now, as ‘Suits L.A.’ gears up to continue the legacy, there’s an opportunity to include these powerhouse personalities and elevate them as integral members of the core cast from the outset. Drawing from the evolution of the original series, where certain female characters transitioned from supporting roles to more central ones over time, ‘Suits L.A. ‘and creator Aaron Korsh can take a proactive approach, ensuring that these formidable women are prominently featured and celebrated right from the start.

Character Chemistry

Suits L.A.
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While many TV series leans heavily on romantic entanglements to drive their narratives, some gems shine by prioritizing platonic relationships. Take, for instance, the dynamic duo of Harvey and Mike from ‘Suits.’ While romance certainly had its place in the show, the heart of the narrative beat strongest through their friendship and mentor-mentee bond. In a landscape saturated with love triangles and melodrama, the genuine camaraderie and mutual respect between Harvey and Mike offered a refreshing alternative.

Amidst the potential for new romantic storylines, nurturing bromances and platonic connections, such as those between Ted Black and his friends, could be instrumental in shaping the show’s success. After all, while romance may add spice, it’s the bromance that often provides the soulful resonance audiences crave.

Character Arcs

Suits L.A.
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In the legal drama ‘Suits,’ character development reigns supreme beyond the scripted legal battles. Unlike the conventional approach of establishing characters in season 1 and sticking to their initial traits throughout, ‘Suits’ sets itself apart by intricately crafting well-defined character arcs that evolve.

The show’s brilliance lies in its ability to orchestrate gradual transformations, steering clear of the pitfalls of abrupt changes. From Mike’s journey from a deceptive con man to a formidable legal mind to Louis’s evolution from a petulant figure to a respected colleague, and Harvey’s transition from cocky workaholic to a more introspective leader, the series showcases the art of character growth meticulously.