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What Is the Highest-Grossing Slasher Movie of All Time? Find Out!

In a horror landscape filled with chainsaws, finger knives, and iconic masks, one killer reigns supreme at the box office. Fans of classic slasher films might be surprised to learn that the highest-grossing slasher movie is the 2018 version of ‘Halloween,’ directed by David Gordon Green. Despite the enduring popularity of original horror classics, this reboot drew significant attention from fans.

The 2018 ‘Halloween’ continues the storyline from the original 1978 film, ignoring the events of subsequent sequels. After Rob Zombie’s 2007 and 2009 reboots, which deviated from the original lore and increased the violence, the franchise went quiet. However, when it was announced that Jamie Lee Curtis would reprise her role as Laurie Strode, fans were ecstatic.

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Although her character seemingly died in ‘Halloween: Resurrection,’ Green’s film operates on an alternate timeline, following directly from the 1978 original.

Set 40 years after Laurie’s narrow escape from Michael Myers in Haddonfield, Illinois, the story finds Myers confined in a mental institution. Of course, he manages to escape and returns to Haddonfield to hunt Laurie. This time, Laurie is prepared, having turned her home into a fortified bunker. Her extensive preparations, initially seen as paranoia by her daughter and granddaughter, prove invaluable when Michael returns.

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The 2018 ‘Halloween’ grossed $259 million globally, making it the highest-grossing slasher film ever, surpassing the second-place ‘Scream’ (1996) by $86 million. The ‘Scream’ franchise dominates much of the top ten highest-grossing slasher films, but ‘Halloween’ remains a favourite among fans of the genre, solidifying Laurie Strode as the ultimate final girl. Within the ‘Halloween’ franchise, the next highest-grossing film is ‘Halloween Kills’ at $133 million, while ‘Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers’ is the lowest, with $11 million.

Produced on a $10 million budget, the 2018 ‘Halloween’ significantly exceeded its modest costs, leading to the production of two sequels: ‘Halloween Kills’ and ‘Halloween Ends.’ Although Green’s timeline concludes with ‘Halloween Ends,’ fans speculate that new timelines may emerge, as the boogeyman never truly dies.

– Farheen Ali 

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