Wonka Isn’t the Villain of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, Here’s Why

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Willy Wonka, it’s that he’s a bit eccentric. After all, he lets a bunch of kids loose in his factory to find a successor. In both the old and new versions of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ Wonka comes across as odd and maybe a bit cruel as the kids face strange accidents.

His factory doesn’t even meet safety standards! But is he really to blame for what happens? Not quite. Wonka isn’t the bad guy here. The real problem is the kids and their parents.

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Wonka Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Image Courtesy: Variety

Many people see Wonka as a monster for how he treats the children. They say he’s cold and uncaring as accidents happen, but he does warn them to be careful. The accidents weren’t accidents at all; the kids ignored the warnings and got themselves into trouble. Even Charlie, the main character, makes mistakes but learns from them.

The parents are just as much to blame. They were supposed to watch over the kids, but instead, they act like children themselves. They encourage bad behaviour and then blame Wonka when things go wrong. But it’s not Wonka’s job to babysit; he’s just running a tour.

Wonka Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Image Courtesy: Britannica

And let’s not forget the kids themselves. They’re selfish, rude and only interested in what they can get from Wonka. They even consider betraying him for personal gain. Charlie is the only one who proves worthy of being Wonka’s successor.

So, before we call Wonka a monster, let’s remember who’s really at fault here: the kids and their guardians. Wonka’s just a guy trying to find someone to take over his factory, not a villain.

– Farheen Ali