1 Celebrity, 4 Personas?

Every now and then, a social media trend comes by, that takes the world by storm! From recreating pictures from your childhood to the baby yoda memes, they’ve all left us thoroughly entertained and work as an instant cure to a bad mood.

And now, brace yourselves, because there’s a new trend in town and this one’s truly going to have you laughing like a madman!

Now, several users have started a new trend, in which they share their ‘LinkedIn, Facebook , Instagram and Tinder’ photos.

Depending on the platform, our online persona can change drastically and why not celebrate with a visual representation of that? So, what everyone seems to have in common is, for starters, their ‘LinkedIn’ photos being a serious work-focused image, while the ‘Facebook’ photo is a rather shy, trying-to-seem-fun photo, which clearly reflects that the person has taken a lot of effort to pose!

On the other hand, the ‘Instagram’ photo is quite aesthetic and a lot more laid back while the ‘Tinder’ photo is rather…raunchy to say the least.

Now, it’s very difficult to trace the origin of a trend, but this time, we may just know where it all began. The challenge appears to have been started by Dolly Parton, who posted four photos, along with the caption: “Get you a woman who can do it all.”

Now, several celebrities have added to that mix, giving us a string of ridiculous photos that have truly made our day and possibly our whole week too!