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Disney Singalong Happened and We Are Crying For These 5 Reasons

Ariana chose her “my number one favorite. I love Alan Menken’s music,” from Hercules. She sang a soulful rendition of the song which we later found out she shot and mixed in one day! And if you do check out the video you will develop a special appreciation for Ms. Grande for her very savvy editing skills. Indeed a femme extraordinaire; all dressed up in purple to pay homage to Meg. 

This is not a drill at all. Beyonce was not expected to be on here at all and there she was in all her glory singing ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ from Pinocchio. “I’m very honored to be a part of the Disney family,” she said and we all screamed of course. She sang the beautiful song adding her charisma and personality to it and really making us believe “we’re going to get through this, I promise.”

She came on, she sang, she conquered, she left. Without saying a lot, Christina just focused on the music. We saw her comfy in her corner with her sleeping pooch making us want to cuddle up too with whoever is unfortunate enough to be in our vicinity at that hour! This performance was without a doubt the most nostalgic for Lion King takes the metaphoric cake when it comes to Disney films that made us bawl. 

Along with Daddy Thomas we saw his two daughters Willa Gray and Ada James who dressed the part, as Elsa and Anna, respectively!! They were very helpful princesses providing background vocals and showering their father with confetti when the time came to “let it go”. Ovaries, hearts, tear ducts — all scrunched up here. 

This might have been the moment we all collectively grew up. Watching the cast of HSM bring it all together was the peak of this Singalong. Ryan Seacrest said, “Just when you thought we couldn’t give you any more feels…” and introduced Zac Effron!! Joining him were Kenny Ortega, Venessa Hudgens, Corbin Bleu, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, and Monique Coleman. We are all in this together, indeed! 

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