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G-Dragon’s back ?

The king of K-pop made his return from military enlistment and about 3000 fans were there to receive him, while the rest tuned in online to watch him.

Many are describing the BIGBANG star’s upcoming return as G-Dragon reclaiming his throne. The YG Entertainment artist is arguably one of the most, popular and successful K-pop stars in the industry, which is why fans have been patiently waiting for his discharge date.

Both as a musician and a fashion icon, he’s had a huge impact on the K-pop industry. G-Dragon a.k.a Kwon Ji-young said in a statement, “I want to thank all the fans who have been waiting for me. Now, I’ll do my best in my main business. I will return to my job and be faithful to my work,”

He emerged from the facility gates wearing his military uniform, slightly flustered by the swarm of fans waiting to greet him. Now that the king is back, there’s even more we can expect from the K-pop industry!

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