The Drive With Joed

Drives back from a long day at work are never really fun… Or are they?!? Well you’d know the difference if you tuned into The Drive with Joed. With a voice that soothes any ruffled feathers and calms every frazzled nerve, he’s got all you need for a smooth journey home. From music and conversation to trivia and laughter, he has you covered on all fronts. And if you needed something a little more locally grown, he has that ripe for the picking too! After all, Joed is as son-of-the-soil-ish as it gets! From his constant use of local lingo to his love for authentic local food and all things Goan, he always lets his ‘goan-ness’ shine through!

In order to drive away those Monday, Tuesday and any-day-of-the-week-day blues, tune in to The Drive

Weekdays @ 5pm in Goa on 91.9fm📻