The Morning Brew With Ayesha

If you’ve ever wanted a quirky, happy, crazy start to your every week day, then The Morning Brew with Ayesha is the only morning shot you need! With energy levels (that are constantly questioned and answered by others with the most bizarre explanations you’ll ever hear! – FYI it’s just coffee), she comes in bright and early to make sure that you’re set and ready to get through whatever the day may bring your way. Ayesha admits that she has an intense passion for good tunes (duh!?!), topics that will make you think, crazily fun word games and chatting about anything under the bright morning sun.

Given all that, by now you should know that she’s got all the fixings to put that pep into your step! So, come rain, hail, gloom, mood swings, bad days, breakups, breakdowns and everything else in between, your daily dose of your pick-me-up-fix, can be found only on The Morning Brew.

Weekdays @ 7am in Goa