Iris Home Fragrances Launches a ‘Song for Hope’

Iris Home Fragrances

Iris Home Fragrances has released a lovely antidote to all those quarantine blues. As the COVID-19 pandemic chugs on, the Iris team has come together with a song for the times. They describe the quirky, offbeat track as “a song of hope, of peace & positivity.”

So, hit play and chase away those lockdown blues. And, pay close attention to the track’s refrain: “Breathe India, breathe// for a better life that’s waiting.”

Iris Home Fragrances explores the importance and legacy of fragrances in our day-to-day lives. The collective are “great believers in the power of fragrances to refresh body and mind.” And that belief finds an apparent place in their wide range of products. 

Now, let’s be real. There’s nothing more refreshing and calming than the vibrancy of aromas. Think about it: a good aroma is all you need to lift your spirits right up. And, there’s no better time than now to start experimenting. As we pass the days in the midst of a pandemic, what could keep the positivity at an all time high like a relaxing in-home fragrance? 

In fact, we’ll take it a step further and say that a good fragrance is like the perfect wingman. No one can ignore you if your fragrance is keeping the vibe going. Feeling good is a state of mind and there’s no way to dive into that state of mind than with a perfect cocktail of aromas. 

Their encouragement of healing and rejuvenation is only made clear by this musical production. So, bask in the glory of all the fragrant goodness of Iris Home Fragrances. 

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