K-Pop Kulture: BTS Are Set to Rule with ‘Dynamite’

K-pop Kulture; Ep. 1

K-Pop is so much more than just music in another language. The billion-dollar entertainment industry is known for its production, unique style and comprehensive performance. And, while it has gathered quite the fan following in the past decade or so, it has its fair share of confused observers.

Well, lucky for you, IndigoMusic.com’s ‘K-Pop Kulture’ is here to help you stay clued in to this global phenomenon. From new releases and drama to all the nuances and complexities that make K-Pop, we’re here to break it down. And so, here goes Episode 1.

There is no better way to enter the world of K-Pop than with the mega group, BTS. The seven-member South Korean act have swept the global music scene and made an unprecedented mark in Western music in the past 3 years. They roam uncharted territory with the support of one of the biggest global fan bases in the world – ARMY. But, still, there are questions that surround the phenomenon that they have proven to be.

And, today, we dive right into the group’s new release: their first ever all-English single called ‘Dynamite’. The boys lit the internet on fire with the release earlier today. And, as they navigate new territory, we’re taking a look at what this means for BTS. Why an English language single? Why now? And, what will the release mean for the group? Find out here.

By: Ahalya Narayanan