K-Pop Kulture: MAMAMOO, The Bold Queens of K-Pop

Get to know MAMAMOO

If you tread on the edgier side of K-Pop, the chances of you coming across the name ‘MAMAMOO’ are very high. Now, the name isn’t just a fun little tongue twister but actually home to one of the most iconic girl groups in Korean music . The four member collective comprising of Hwa Sa, Whee in, Moonbyul and Solar, has steadily risen to fame over the past few years. But, what separates them from other groups, you ask? Well, a lot.

And, on this week’s episode of K-Pop Kulture, we’re diving into the phenomenon of MAMAMOO.

Not only does MAMAMOO march to beat of their own drum; it would seem they’ve created their own set of drums. The girls have never subscribed to the limiting, stereotypical boundaries of what a girl group needs to be. From the time they debuted back in 2014, the group has redefined what it means to be a girl group in K-Pop. In fact, what perhaps separates them the most is their appeal not just with a mass audience, but critics as well. In fact, their debut track, ‘Mr. Ambiguous’, was one of the most well received debuts of all time.

And, while that was a solid start, it was only a start. So, hit play on this week’s episode and find out what makes MAMAMOO so special.

Excited to dive right into them? Well, then you’ve joined in at the perfect time. MAMAMOO is all set to release their tenth EP, “Travel”, on the 3rd of November. So, catch up quick and prepare for a comeback featuring the bold queens of K-Pop.

And, that’s a wrap on another episode of K-Pop Kulture folks. As we leave you with a buzzing playlist to dive right into, remember to stay tuned to all our social media and enjoy exciting content like this. We’ll be back next week with more news from the K-Pop world. So, stay locked on and stay cultured!

By: Ahalya Narayanan