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K-Pop Kulture: Taemin, The King of Sensuality

The Michael Jackson of Korea isn’t a name you earn easily. But, if you’re Lee Taemin, you carry it off with slick ease. Now, if you’re one for sultry dance-pop hits, hypnotising choreography and an artistic persona so inimitable, this episode of K-Pop Kulture is here to arrest you in full capacity. Today, we’re diving straight into the man himself: Lee Taemin. Known simply as TAEMIN, and of the iconic K-Pop group, SHINEE, he has had one of the most intriguing and established solo careers in Korean pop music.

And, seeing as how he’s just dropped his third album, we’re taking a look at three of his most career defining releases. I’d suggest you strap in, and get comfortable, because while this is a rollercoaster ride of sultry, rhythmic and entirely unique pop hits.

From the 2017 track, ‘MOVE’ which saw Taemin challenging gender norms, navigating fluidity and eventually, pretty much redefined dance music at the time. And, then came ‘WANT’, the 2019 hit that took our breaths away. Now, sensual music isn’t all Taemin can do. The South Korean performer is an all-encompassing performer who has cemented his place in Korean pop music forever.

Owing to his unique style and immeasurable skill as a dancer, he always sets the stage ablaze. And, one example of this identity is the track, ‘Artistic Groove’. Now, before we ramble on and dish it all out, dive right into this episode of K-Pop Kulture.

Now, remember, K-Pop Kulture is just the tip of the iceberg and this list is just a taste of the seven-course meal that is Taemin’s discography. Honourable mentions include Thirsty, Drip-Drop and more. Lee Taemin is not a phenomenon for the faint-hearted. So, stack up your playlists and get down with it.

And, that’s a wrap on another episode of K-Pop Kulture. We came, we delivered and now, it’s your turn to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Now remember, stay locked onto all of our social media; @indigomusiccom for all things K-Pop and music, in general.

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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