Nikitaa Channels Power in New Single: ‘Goddess’

Nikiaa releases new single: 'goddess'

Indie pop musician, Nikitaa, has the floor with her latest release, ‘Goddess’. The brand new single is the singer’s moment of empowerment. And as she channels the power of womanhood, she also uses her words to fight anything that threatens¬†it.¬†

Nikitaa, who was born and raised in Mumbai, has taken her love for music to LA, giving herself the space to work on her craft. The singer-songwriter comes from a long line of classical Indian musicians, whose influence is proudly evident. 

In low, sultry tones, Nikitaa sings over a fusion R&B pop beat peppered with percussion and a flow reminiscent of Indian music.

Setting out to represent women from South East Asia, Nikitaa channels womanhood in its entirety. Of her inspiration to explore these themes, she says: “Every person has that Goddess power within them that honours the feminine within and without. I hope to remind people of this and uplift and empower them with my music. Giving them space to express all their feelings no matter what it is they feel”  

With ‘Goddess’, Nikitaa identifies her themes with precision and follows them right through. Exploring her self-classified genre of ‘Goddess Pop’, she holds on tight to all the grandiosity and majesticity associated with the genre. In a conversation with RJ Neerja of, of her use of these grandiose terms, she quips: “I’ve just always been a bit extra”.

In the time since its release, ‘Goddess’ has landed a place on Spotify’s New Music Friday India playlist. It also features on the Women of Indie playlist and the Indiestan playlist.

‘Goddess’ is available on streaming sites now.

By: Ahalya Narayanan