Xperience Session with Behram Siganporia & RJ Neerja

With every Xperience Session, we hope to allow you to get even more intimate with some of the most wonderful artists of the city. And this time around, we present to you – the full Xperience Session with Behram Siganporia and RJ Neerja. Now, just for some context, Behram finds his space as the lead vocalist and bass guitarist of the popular electro-pop band ‘Best Kept Secret’.

Behram Siganporia qualifies as one of Bangalore’s finest young rockstars. Interestingly enough, the star initially trained to be a professional pilot, before diving deep into the world of music. As he once quipped, “My aviation career was sinking. But my music career was taking off.”

And now, to give you a little backstory on how ‘Best Kept Secret’ was born, “One of our common friends was getting married and knew that I played the guitar. He wanted me to play with his other musician friends (Hemanth and Abhilash) the night before his wedding. The chemistry between us was great and we started to jam together. One thing led to another and the band happened before we knew it,” he recalled.

From growing as a cover artist to a full-fledged performer, Behram Siganporia has come quite far. So, watch as he sits down for a chat with RJ Neerja as they cover the pros and cons of being a cover-artist, the opening acts he’d love to have onboard. And of course, there can be no Xperience Session without a star bursting into an impromptu singalong piece.

Oh and let’s not forget, the duo also played a crazy round of ‘Would You Rather’. This Session is filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies, so watch on!

And as always, stay tuned for a whirlwind of fun content, with some of the best local artists in the city.