Shilpa Natarajan Releases Chilling New Song: ‘Haunted’

Shilpa Natrajan releases Haunted

Multi talented singer-songwriter, Shilpa Natarajan, hops back on the music scene with an intense, yet thrilling journey of survival. The new track, ‘Haunted’, explores the emotional depths of abuse. 

About the song, Shilpa says: “(Haunted) is a song which deals with multiple emotions one goes through when abused emotionally, physically, sexually and in any other way that breaks an individual.” The track is accompanied by an equally symbolic music video showing fans a new side of the musician. 

In a steady build up, empty spaces gradually fill up with ripples of tabla beats and continual vocal runs. The music mirrors the journey of abuse it sets out to detail. In her melodic, soothing voice, Shilpa sings: “Deep in the corner, darkness and horror/ Growls that could hold breath at bay/ Shivering you stagger, flashlight like a warrior/ Your past is waiting for pray.”

The music video sees Shilpa Natarajan looking straight into the camera, moving through black and white, stark tones. The story takes a surprising turn towards the end as she sings, “Daylight brings terror, nights last forever/ How will I ever be me?/ Dance with this torture/ Find my own rapture/ I’ll stand to fight but not flee.”

In its final crescendo, ‘Haunted’ offers resolution and assurance. And, while the track details the emotional turmoil one endures as a result of abuse, it also offers the will to survive. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan