The Week In Music: Drake, Ariana, The Weeknd & More

As the world slowly returns to the new normal, the music world continues to dish out big gossip, releases and headlines. If you’re looking for a place to stay in the loop, then you’ve found it. Our series: The Week In Music arrives every week. So, be sure to tune in and stay caught up with all the latest releases, drama and news that makes up the pop culture world.

And, this week, just like every other, The Week in Music looks at all those buzzing headlines that’ve shaken up the music world. And boy, this week has seen its fair share of fresh releases and as always, a scoop full of drama.

So, sitting on our list today is a sparkling new trailer from Drake. Our queen, Ariana Grande is doing amazing with her new album. Also, a new remix from the dream team, Maluma and The Weeknd is here.

There’s lots to cover and not a minute to waste. So, let’s dive right into a brand new edition of The Week in Music, shall we?

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